Fine Hardwoods

At Vintage Wood Supply, we sniff out the good stuff. Our network of small mills provides us with high quality hardwoods at a price that beats the big guys. We don’t pay for a huge operation. We cherry-pick the nicest, fattest walnut, cherry, oak, pecan and more, so that you’ll find what you need for your project without having to dig through a bunch of marginal boards.

Walnut Slabs

This is our flagship product. We consistently beat Denver pricing with these timeless beauties. For hundreds of years, walnut has been the look of quality, and nothing has changed. The organic, “Live” edge of the slab is usually desirable, but we have them in a straight edge as well. Whether you’re making a bar, a table, or whatever, we strive to stock whatever size you might need.


Hardwood Lumber

While we don’t claim to be one of the big guys, you’ll be surprised at our supply of 1″ and 2″ stock. Walnut, cherry and oak are the main species you’ll find, but you never know!

Hardwood Lumber


Asc To Seller

  • Willy

    I\'m making a 12\" X 8\" cigar humidor I would like cherry for the basic box and some 1/4\" thin Spanish cedar for the liner.

    Doug Zercoe 925 360 5854

    Looking for 2 to 3 Black Walnut slabs. Both in the 6 to 7 ft length and 30-36 inches wide. To be used for a bar and two tables. Also interested in other wood you might have for flooring, old beams and trim. I will be In Colorado August 17 and 18. Please let me know if you have Black Walnut slabs in stock and if you are available those dates for me to stop by. Thanks